5 reasons why people avoid seeing the dentist

dental anxiety

Visiting the dentist can be stressful for some, but it doesn’t have to be

The anxiety some people feel when visiting the dentist can often be so powerful that dental treatment is avoided at all costs. However, this can be of enormous detriment to your oral health and well being.

In the past, dental practices were not designed to be welcoming or to make patients feel comfortable. Visiting the dentist was just a necessary chore, and nothing more. Most people dismiss a phobia of the dentist, making it incredibly difficult to treat the problem. Although anxiety can be an overwhelming deterrent, there are also a number of reasons for people to avoid the dentist. Here are five common reasons why people avoid visiting the dentist.

1.      Anxiety or phobia

Dental anxiety is most commonly caused by feelings of helplessness, embarrassment, or negative past experiences. Phobias of situations where you feel like you have no control are very common, such as a fear of airplanes. People who don’t feel comfortable with their dentist can often feel this way.

At Sublime Dental, we offer a range of treatments for patients who feel anxious when visiting the dentist. Sublime Dental offer needle-free sedation, or sleep dentistry options for patients who would prefer to be sound asleep whilst in the chair. Soothing music can also be played and our friendly team will be with you, providing reassurance throughout.

2.      Inconvenience

Finding time to make an appointment can be extremely difficult for some people. However, this can be a destructive to your oral health as urgently needed care can often be neglected. Tooth decay and gum disease certainly won’t treat itself.

Sublime Dental is conveniently located in the Sydney CBD, allowing busy professionals and families in the Sydney area ease of access. Getting to Sublime Dental is easy; there are a number of Sydney CBD public transport options available, as well as a number of parking options. For busy professionals working in the CBD, Sublime Dental is perfectly located for a lunch time check-up or an after work appointment.

3.      Pain

Although pain may have been a deterring issue in the past, modern dental techniques ensure any amount of pain is thoroughly reduced. Where necessary, Sublime Dental offers both sedation and anaesthetic in order to ensure patients feel as comfortable as possible.

4.      Worried about being lectured

Most patients are well aware of their own dental issues and don’t want to visit the dentist to be lectured about how they should have taken better care of their teeth. Dr Fadi, Dr Tanya, and the Sublime Dental team understand this and are determined to ensure the most effective treatment results; which means working with you, not against you.

5.      Cost

For some people, regular dental treatment is considered an unnecessary cost. For this reason, treatment is only considered when a problem arises. This attitude can prove to be more costly than receiving regular check-ups and cleans. Preventive dental care is far more affordable than having to undergo intensive restorative work. However, Sublime Dental does offer a number of payment options to suit all budgets. The Sublime Dental team would be happy to discuss any pricing concerns with you, prior to treatment.

Treatment at Sublime Dental, Sydney CBD

Sublime Dental strives to provide patients with an environment where they can feel comfortable and confident in the treatment they are receiving. The Sublime Dental, Sydney team work with patients to deliver individual care, which promotes optimal results.

If you have any dental concerns, don’t put it off any longer. Book a consultation with the friendly Sublime Dental team today!

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