Dental implants: the importance of replacing a missing tooth

The importance of replacing a missing tooth | Sublime Dental | Sydney CBD

Neglecting a missing tooth can often cause more damage than you realise.

Maybe you’ve had a tooth knocked out playing sport, or perhaps regular wear and tear has caused one or more teeth to decay to the point in which it needs to be removed. Leaving a gap in your mouth can often seem like an innocent idea, especially if the gap is in an area which is unnoticeable.

This mentality can lead to a number of serious ongoing oral health problems which many people are unaware of. However, replacing a missing tooth has a number of benefits.

Improved oral function

Not replacing a tooth can greatly affect you oral function. If a tooth is not replaced, the remaining teeth can shift and align in a way which inhibits your bite. In turn, this can cause discomfort and reduce the number of foods you may be able to eat. As dental implants are a fixed option, they provide an easy and convenient replacement when compared to other restorative options.

Improved speech

One or more missing teeth can affect your speech and articulation, especially if located at the front of your mouth. Other options such as dentures can also sometimes slip within the mouth causing you to mumble and slur words. As dental implants are fixed and act just like your natural teeth, speaking function can be improved.

Improved oral health

When a tooth is not replaced, the remaining teeth can shift and realign within the jaw. Because of this, the tight contact with adjacent teeth is reduced, allowing areas which would normally prevent food debris from entering to be exposed. As these areas are wide enough to allow food in but still tight enough to prevent effective cleaning, bacteria can begin to grow which will cause further tooth decay.

Not replacing a missing tooth can also cause the opposing tooth, which used to rest upon the missing tooth to shift into the gap. The opposing tooth will begin to erupt from the jaw leading to ongoing problems.

Improved appearance

Implants look and feel just like your existing teeth and as they are designed to fuse to your jawbone, they become a permanent fixture. When a tooth is missing in the front portion of your mouth, dental implants are an ideal solution.

Dental implants at Sublime Dental, Sydney CBD

Dr Fadi and Dr Tanya are constantly evolving their practice and techniques in order to ensure the most effective outcomes for patients. The Sublime Dental, Sydney team strive to provide the highest quality service and care for patients.

Implant dentistry is of special interest to Dr Fadi Dalati and as such, he is heavily involved in continuing his education in this field.

If you have a missing tooth or you’re concerned about the condition of one or more teeth, book a consultation with the Sublime Dental, Sydney team today!

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