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About Our Technology

At Sublime Dental®, we have state-of-the-art facilities to give our patients a better dental experience. Our team aim to provide you with the most comfortable and painless experience as possible and this is why we truly believe in keeping up to date with the latest inventions, innovations, and research to continually improve our practice.

Digital X-Rays

When comparing new versus old technologies, traditional x-rays deliver a higher dose of radiation than our new digital x-ray system. Sublime’s® digital x-ray system stipulates a lower dose of radiation while facilitating the ability to manipulate contrast, colour, and magnification. This allows us to detect even the smallest issues before they arise and become bigger, more complicated, and more expensive issues. Our full mouth digital x-ray system can capture an image not only of your teeth but also of your top and bottom jaws, your jaw joints and your maxillary sinuses in only a matter of seconds. Our smaller intraoral digital x-rays are state-of-the-art technology, which allows us to detect when they have reached the correct exposure and automatically cut off any further x-ray emissions. This system on its own can reduce radiation exposure by up to 52%.

Rotary Machine

Our computer aided rotary machine allows the team at Sublime Dental® to provide greater accuracy and consistency with our root canal therapies. The rotary machine, along with our state-of-the-art Apex Locator, helps us to cut down the treatment time, reduce the number of x-rays required, improve accuracy and success of the treatment, and reduce the discomfort associated with an extended appointment.

Loupe Magnification

Sublime Dental® staff use high magnification loupes with LED illumination to aid with viewing finer details in our treatments. Our loupe magnification allows us to get down to the nitty-gritty and operate with microscopic detail, which is just another way we are able to provide you with high-end precision and quality workmanship.

Patient Traceability

At Sublime Dental®, we make sure that all of our instruments are sterilised in the latest high-end autoclave for your safety. Each instrument pack has a unique barcode placed on it, which is scanned into your file during your visit. This helps to keep track of each instrument used, when it was successfully sterilised, and by whom. We pride ourselves on our high measures of quality control to ensure that our staff provides a safe and clean treatment environment for you every time.

Soft Tissue Laser

Your comfort is important to the staff at Sublime Dental®, and this is why we employ the use of our soft tissue laser. Our soft tissue laser enables our team to eliminate the use of a blade, giving us laser precision and giving you a faster healing period and experience less discomfort.

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