CEREC Machine Technology Sydney

Our CEREC Technology

At Sublime Dental®, we understand time is of the essence, so we have decided to employ our own in-house milling unit for your convenience. This means we can save you time and money by taking a digital image of your tooth and milling a crown on the spot for same-day restorations. The restorations last a long time, are biocompatible and metal free! With fewer visits we think that CEREC technology is a great benefit to you.

Same-day Restorations

CEREC stands for Chair-side Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or Ceramic REConstruction, and is a sophisticated system for designing and making high-quality dental restorations in a single visit. CEREC technology uses 3D photography and CAD/CAM technology to assist our dental team in designing a virtual restoration for onlays, inlays, crowns or bridges. This data is then placed into the CEREC milling machine to build the restoration all in one day from the comfort of our dental chairs.

How It Works

We take a photo of the inside of your mouth, specifically the tooth or teeth we will be restoring, then convert the image to a digital file that our CEREC machine can enhance and then proceed to mill your personalised restoration. After the CEREC machine has created the tooth, we place the tooth into the furnace for the materials to harden, and then we can get started on your restoration!

Our Crowns

A crown is a full coverage restoration that completely covers and helps provide superior protection for a severely compromised tooth. A few examples include a tooth that has had root canal therapy, has been heavily restored, or a severely broken tooth. There are various materials that a crown may be made from and these options help us provide either a crown with strength, superior aesthetics or a combination of both. Crowns come in an array of different materials ranging from all-ceramic porcelain based, to gold alloys, porcelain fused to metal, and metal-based alloys.

Am I Eligible For CEREC?

If you have been told that you may need a new crown, inlay, onlay, bridge, cracked tooth, old and failing restorations, or damaged teeth, you may be a suitable CEREC candidate. Otherwise, if you’re interested in replacing old, metal restorations with biocompatible crowns, you may also be a good CEREC candidate. Essentially, any large restoration projects often require CEREC services.

CEREC At Sublime®

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