Children's Dentistry

Dentistry For Children

At Sublime Dental®, we believe that foundations laid early on in life help build the future for our children. We are passionate about our little patients, and we believe no one should be afraid of the dentist; rather, they should enjoy each visit and look forward to their next one. This is why the team at Sublime Dental® take their time to create a caring and enjoyable environment for children so that the memories they create while in our care are always going to be positives ones.

When Should I Take My Child To The Dentist?

Many parents often ask when the best time is for my child’s first dental visit. We recommend bringing your child in as soon as their first tooth has erupted to ensure that their dental growth and tooth progression is healthy. Recent studies have shown that pre-school aged children are getting more cavities due to the high sucrose content in foods, and to prevent such issues one of our friendly staff will liaise with you and your little one about oral hygiene and prevention methods. We also recommend taking the time for follow-up consultations every six months so we can monitor and guide your child’s oral growth, however if you find that your infant has trouble latching on or suckling during routine breastfeeding, please bring them in for a consultation immediately as they may suffer from lip or tongue-ties that can have a large effect in their feeding habits.

What Should I Expect During A Consultation?

At Sublime Dental®, we firmly believe that early prevention is much better than treatment, so we will take the time to discuss your child’s dental history to ensure that their mouth is healthy and we also discuss preventative care so that you’re fully aware of habits that may lead to treatment later down the track. During our consultations, we many discuss; how to care for your child’s mouth, proper use of fluoride, finger sucking, accident prevention, teething milestones and the link between dietary options and oral health.

Preparing For A Dental Visit

We like to build a strong relationship with our patients so we may ask some questions to get to know you better, and we encourage you to also query us about any concerns that you may have. Some questions we may ask include your child’s dental history such as their oral growth and development, and their dietary habits.

Is Your Child Nervous?

For children that are a little bit nervous, we offer inhalation sedation in the form of nitrous oxide, or ‘happy gas’, to help them feel at ease before any treatment is provided. We aim to make our little patients feel safe and comfortable when it’s their turn for a ‘ride’ in our dental chair.

Family Dentistry

At Sublime Dental®, we can cater for your whole family! From the littlest patient, all the way up to your extended family we have treatments to keep everybody’s mouth in optimum health.

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